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"...there is real beauty, fascinating depth, and simplicity around us all, if we just take the time to look."

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canyon small mammals smile sneakers sneg snooze snowy snowy egret snuggle soar soft soft focus solitary solitude songbirds south southern sea otter southwest spanish dagger spectacular speed spermophilus armatus spines spiral sraircase spiritual sport spray spring square squirrel staircase stairs standing start start of day start race state park statue status steam steeple steinbeck center's my california 2006 stem still stone storage storage tanks store storm clouds straight stranded strange stranger danger strategy strength strong structure struggle succeed success summer sun studio sunbeams sunflower sunlight sunray sunset sunshine support surf surfboard surfer surfing surreal swim swimming swimming hole symbol symbolism synergy race timing tan taxidea taxus teamwork teeth tennessee tent rock text texture the emperor the gorge the road to success thistle threaten thrill thrush tiger longwing time tire tracks together togetherness toned toughness tourism tourist tower roosevelt junction towers tracks trail train tranquil tranquility translucent travel tree tree yucca trees trona pinnacles tufa turbulent turquoise twilight u.s. route 66 uinta ground squirrel underside underwater undomesticated animals ungulates uninhabited unique united states united states navy unknown bib unspoiled upper geyser basin upside down urban exploration us us 66 us navy usa utah utopia vast velvet vertical vibrant victory vintage vivid volkswagen volunteer volunteering vulnerable vw wading wading and water birds walk walkers walking wapiti war warm light warmth washington watching water water droplets water lily water mammals water sports waterfall waterscape wave waves weapon weasel family weathered weeds wellbeing wellness west west coast west end celebration sand city 2006 west thumb geyser basin wet suit wetsuit wetsuits wheel white white sand wild wilderness wildlife will rogers highway winding window wings winslow winter winter sports wonder wood wooden woodpile woods words of wisdom worm worn worship wy wyoming yell yellow yellowstone national park yosemite national park young adult man yucca yucca brevifolia yucca palm yucca schidigera zion national park zoology zoom © ©ann whitted ©deborah whitted ©manuel martinez
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