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Miles for Migraine Event Photography

Photos from past Miles for Migraine sponsored events are available to browse from events found at the bottom of this page.  

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Join the Movement!

Miles for Migraine has launched a movement to change the perception people hold about migraine and other headache disorders and hopes that you will join in!

Miles for Migraine is a registered 501c3 non-profit group that is aiming to help raise much needed funds for research and awareness for migraine sufferers.  Since 2008 the Miles for Migraine Race has consisted of a run and walk through scenic Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and has recently expanded to cities across the U.S.

Miles for Migraine Mission is to improve the lives of patients and their families, and ultimately help find a cure for migraine.

I found Miles for Migraine quite by accident. I was planning a trip to Golden Gate Park and happened upon a listing for a Miles for Migraine Race. Having suffered with debilitating chronic migraine all of my adult life, I was so excited to see anything being done for the sake of helping migraine patients. They needed a race photographer and I volunteered. 

Never having volunteered as a photographer before, I wasn't sure what to expect. The Miles for Migraine team was a pleasure to work with and the event was so inspiring that I kept coming back year after year. It's the first positive thing I have to associate with my migraines.

Some Migraine Facts:

› Migraine affects 10-12% of Americans including children, for a total of over 35 million Americans

› Migraine affects more Americans than Asthma and Diabetes combined

› Women are affected 3 times more frequently than men

› Patients are frequently under-diagnosed or misdiagnosed at a rate of 1 out of 4

› The World Health Organization rates Migraine as in the top 20 most disabling conditions. “A day with severe migraine is as disabling as a day with quadriplegia.” 




Miles for Migraine Race Event July 2012







Special thanks from the Miles for Migraine team going out to Volunteer Photographers:  Dave Doris, Manuel Martinez, and Deborah Whitted.   

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